1. translation services into/from 30 languages

2. notarisation services and notary procedures  

3. interpretation services

4. desktop publishing, proofreading, page layout and printing services.


We provide document translation services in various fields, such as:

• legal translations and standard documents (contracts, authentic documents, certificates of any kind, criminal record certificates, tax clearance certificates, medical certificates, marital status documents, degrees, academic records, emigration documents, company articles of association, reports and minutes, invitation letters, powers of attorney, driving licences, employment records, letters of reference)

• website translations

• economic translations (balance sheets and other accounting record documents, financial analyses, international tender documents, financing files)

• technical translations (technical manuals and instructions, safety instructions, user’s manuals, booklets, tender dossiers)

• advertising and tourist material translations (guides, market surveys, offers, advertisements, slogans)

• business and private correspondence translations (letters, e-mails, reports, presentations of any kind)

• medical and pharmaceutical translations (drug and medical device descriptions, specialised articles)